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  • Stand:Som ny
  • Timer:150
  • Varenummer:ADV0001612
  • Årgang:2019

Yderligere information:

two phased hemp harvester

Carrier machine: Claas Xerion 4000
Harvesting opportunity for: Hemp blossoms and leaves, fibres and shives
Working width: 6 meter
Max. working speed: 10 km/h
Cutting lenght: 30 - 60 cm


Maximum protection of the CBD content through gentle separation of the leaves from the stem
Suitable for all hemp height verieties from 0.25 to 4.5 meters.
Optimum view onto the working processes
More efficiency through one harvesting phase

Height adjustability of the Stripper
The height of the stripper is freely adjustable to the growth height of the hemp plant. This allows the machine to be used for both: low-growing and high-growing hemp varieties.

Gentle seperation of blossoms and leaves from the stem
The blossoms and leaves are very gently separated from the plant stem by the stripper. This allows the CBD content to be maintained almost completely.

Cutting up the stems for a better further processing
Our self-developed Hemp Cut drum unit cuts the hemp plants into 30-60 cm long ends. The length of the cuts can be controlled by varying the HempCut drum rotation. The cutting up of the hemp stems simplifies the further processing of the raw material significantly.

Time saver: Duo swath depositing
After the plant trunks have been cut into 30-60 cm long ends, they are deposited in a duo swath. This airy way of depositing allows the roasting process to start immediately - a real time-saver]]]>

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