John Deere 6130R AP

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  • Stand:Afhentning
  • Varenummer:2163512
  • Årgang:2018

Yderligere information:

Operating hours: 2165
Number of cylinders: 4
Top speed: 50 km/h

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-- Deutsch --
Betriebsstunden: 2165
Zylinderzahl: 4
Hochstgeschwindigkeit: 50 km/h

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-- Nederlands --
Bedrijfsuren: 2165
Aantal cilinders: 4
Topsnelheid: 50

John Deere 6130R, Premium edition, 2018, 2165 hours, 420/80R46+380/85R30 85%, Autopower 50 km, command arm with joystick, big screen and Autotrac ready, frontaxle and cab suspension, air and hydraulic brakes. 5 hydraulic spools + 1 extra hydr valve for Frontlift, isobus, doc case, fridge, electric mirrors, led lamps, Full options as new. more pictures]]>


Koop van der Wal
Het Rister 3
8314RD Bant

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