Nicolas 7 Axle Module Lowbed 2+5

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  • Årgang:1999

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Nicolas 7 axle module lowbed 2+5.

Year: 1999.
2 axle dolly type: A2708.
5 axle dolly type: A5708.
14 tons axles.
Hydr. detachable gooseneck.
Hydr. suspension.
Central greasing system.
Extandable lowbed.
2 x 25 cm widened.
Tyres: 285/70R19,5 70%.
L: 3830 mm.
W: 2450 mm.
H: 2100 mm.
Kingpin height: 1400 mm.
L: 6650 mm.
W: 2750 mm.
H: 550 mm.
Thickness floor: 400 mm.
2 axle dolly:
L: 3250 mm.
W: 2750 mm.
H: 1000 mm.
5 axle dolly:
L: 7000 mm.
W: 2750 mm.
H: 1000 mm.

ID NR: 135.

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