John Deere 732


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  • Årgang:2007

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Frame structure; steerable drawbar for attaching the top hinge, rigid drawbar eye 40 mm; Polyethylene Tank 3200 liters; piston diaphragm pump 280 l / min., max 15 bars; suction unit with filter; Pressure stirring using 4-hydroxy injectors (272 l / min.); Flushing tank system; 400 l flush tank with a recirculation valve; hand wash tank 20 l; The pneumatic brakes; lighting; tank mixing of chemicals 55 l; A protective housing to clothing, 150/180 cm rigid axle suspension with shock absorbers using PUR, calibration container 2000 ml, tires 270 / 95R48 TAURUS

Control unit

EL-4 control box (monitoring speed, pressure, application rate, sprayed volume treated hectares, selected nozzles, control of up to 9 section valves, main valve, tilt shoulders) + EHB-2 (electro-hydraulic control functions shoulders and steer tiller)
Electrical controlled pressure regulator; electrically operated main valve and selector valves; pressure filter (50 mesh).


The spray arm with a 24 m, reduction to 12 m, 6 sections, recirculation spray, an independent sweeping left and right sides.
Z-bar parallelogram; hydraulic height adjustment, vertical suspension arms with nitrogen shock, transport lock; central frame with vertical and horizontal suspension, incl. anti-deviation; tilt arms; Three-way anti-shock protection of end sections shoulders; All swivel of the shoulders equipped with roller bearings; a spray pipe of stainless steel; quintuple nozzle holder; nozzle completely protected frame; shoulders stored in transport position in the rails.

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