Still R50/15


  • Stand:Afhentning
  • Varenummer:5483961
  • Årgang:2001

Yderligere information:

Operating hours: 25860
Empty weight: 1.500 kg
Serial number: 515044023198

Auction name: Bankruptcy Auction │ Gronwohlder Sales and Event GmbH (53480)

Caterings such as beer tent sets, folding counters, bar tables, cold storage cells and warehousing equipment such as electric forklifts, pallet trucks, shelves and more are available.

Start of auction: Wednesday, May 16th 2018 at 10:30 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST)
Closing time: Tuesday, June 5th 2018 at 10:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST))

The price listed is an opening bid

To participate in the auction and for more information go to:

Please, mention the following number when contacting Dechow: Lot nummer: 33616-35
For more information make contact with:
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BVA Auctions B.V.
Kryptonweg 8
3812 Amersfoort

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