Tandemassige aanhangwagen


  • Stand:Afhentning
  • Varenummer:4624339
  • Årgang:1978

Yderligere information:

Year of manufacture: 1978
Serial number: 62723

Auction name: Rena Beheer B.V. in Afferden

Online bankruptcy auction i.o.v. curator mrs. Mr. ter Horst (Dirkzwager lawyers and notaries) of assets from the bankruptcy of Rena Beheer B.V. h.o.d.n. Rena Land Total B.V. and Rena contracting and leasing business B.V.

Start of auction: 07 October 2016 09:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST)
Closing time: 11 October 2016 18:00 GMT +0200 (Western Europe (DST))

The price listed is an opening bid

To participate in the auction and for more information go to:

Please, mention the following number when contacting BVA-auctions: LOT Number: 23563-2
Vehicle's outer dimensions: 4.5x2.25x1.08