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Masterclass farrowing stable – English

The network group is aimed at experienced farrowing managers in larger sow herds who want to further develop themselves and become even sharper.
In the network group, theory and practice come together in the stable, and knowledge is shared within the network, yielding results.

Where and When
The network program consists of 10 meetings, starting October 3, 2023, with 8 of them being visits to participants’ farms and 2 meetings at Velas. Additionally, there is one 1 on 1 advisor visit with online follow-up for all participants.

Common start-up meeting, introduction, goals, and framework
Introduction to “Insight“, which will be used in subsequent visits.
Introduction to “Flow“, which will be used in subsequent visits.
Expert input from a veterinarian.
Visits at the participants stables

Review of herd data in “Insight” and flow diagram.
Herd overview focusing on 2 specific issues chosen by the participants.
Consultation visit to your own farrowing stable
Analysis of data from “Insight“ and “Flow”.
Herd overview with a focus on optimization possibilities in your herd.
Follow-up meeting on Teams
Follow-up on the action plan
Common conclusion – recap of the herds
Review of herd data in “Insight.
Discussion of useful data and experiences to carry forward.
A discussion on how to apply shared knowledge on your farm.

The network group is offered in both Danish (Group 1) and English (Group 2)

To create the best possible networking in the group, a maximum of 8 participants per group is allowed.

Inquiries and registration
For registration and inquiries, please contact: Elisa Hylleberg Krøyer at phone number 40137766 or mail elhk@velas.dk

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